Northern Ireland has a vibrant and highly sophisticated advanced manufacturing and engineering sector.

Northern Ireland has a diverse and vibrant advanced manufacturing and engineering sector with experience spanning across aerospace and defence, automotive, construction, materials handling, electronics and consumer products. Within these sectors the region has a world-class reputation for its strengths in plastics and polymers, composites design and manufacturing, precision manufacturing, design and stress modelling, and aircraft seating and interiors.

Manufacturing within Northern Ireland has grown almost three times faster than the rest of the UK and employment in manufacturing accounts for 11% of employment in Northern Ireland.

The region is home to a diverse range of indigenous and international companies, engaged in the full range of activities from R&D through new product development to manufacturing. A strong focus on R&D investment and commitment to product and process and design and development ensures the sector continues to grow and experience success.


  • Northern Ireland Advanced Composites & Engineering Centre
  • Northern Ireland Technology Centre
  • Centre of Excellence for Integrated Aircraft Technology
  • Centre for Competitiveness
  • Polymer Processing Research Centre

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